Nicholas Rockefeller, Planet Live Board of Directors

Nicholas Rockefeller is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Corporate Advisory Board of the Pacific Council on International Relations, the International Institute of Strategic Studies, the Advisory Board of RAND, the Board of the Western Justice Center Foundation, and the Central China Development Council and has served as a participant in the World Economic Forum and the Aspen Institute.

Nicholas Rockefeller's China practice includes transactions with China’s largest banks, energy companies, communications entities and real estate enterprises as well as with China’s principal cities and leading provinces. He was chosen as a board member of the Central China Construction and Development Commission and as a director of the Xiwai International School of Shanghai International University. He has appeared numerous times on CCTV and other Chinese media.

Nicholas Rockefeller is vice chairman and chief legal officer of the RockVest Group of Investors and is involved in various banking and commercial projects in China and worldwide. He also serves as a director of the Pacific Rim Cultural Foundation, and is a member of the boards of visitors of the law schools of the University of Oregon and of Pepperdine University. Mr Rockefeller is a graduate of Yale University and the Yale Law School.

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